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Tarot Tuesday: Sacred Intention Challenge

Sacred Intention Challenge

As part of my Shadow Work, I signed up for Charlotte Elea’s Free Sacred Intention Challenge. I thought the challenge would be a great addition to the work I was already doing and, if anything, it would at least give me another perspective on creation intentions with my manifestation.

The Devil Tarot
8 Devils from different decks

My 2017 Tarot Guide

The Sacred Intention Challenge focuses around the act of discovering and working with your tarot guide for the year. This is done via numerology. Add your birth day and month to the year we are in and then break that down numerologically for the number corresponding to a Major Arcana card. This is an act I do every year for new years workings. Mine is 20+12+2017=2049. 2+0+4+9=15. 15 is the number corresponding to the Major Arcana card The Devil.

The Devil is a perfect ally for Shadow Work and one that I did not have much experience with until this year. Entering Charlotte’s Sacred Intention Challenge, I have to admit, I wondered if my dark tarot guide would be at odds with the light and airy feel of Charlotte’s program. She is such a sweet young woman in her videos and her guided meditations are soft and easy going. I honestly wondered if this would be just another feel good experience without any depth.
Boy was I happily surprised!

Sacred Intention Challenge

This free 6-day journey will walk you through the steps to create an intention that aligns you with your heart and spirit. A process that will immediately shift your energy and move you one step forward on your true path.

Guidance and the Sacred Intention Challenge

The Sacred Intention Challenge brought me deep into meditation and journeying with my tarot guide. Charlotte’s guided meditations not only help bring focus but guide the visualization deep without dictating exactly the environment or situation. I’ve listened to guided meditations that are far too specific and I was unable to get much out of it beyond the guide’s visual experiences. (Not everyone finds their guides in a meadow or by the ocean…I’m just sayin.) Each experience was also the perfect length. I didn’t feel rushed neither did I feel like I was just waiting around in limbo until the end.

Setting my sacred intention and facing my strengths found in my fears went hand in hand with my other inner-work. This is the basis for any good manifestation training. I was super happy to return to the basics and get a refresher on how to set intentions for what I really want. Doing this with the year’s tarot guide and their lessons in mind was a very new experience that I enjoyed experimenting with.

My most powerful experience of the challenge was receiving the symbol to focus on from my guide. This part of the challenge has a few different ways to obtain your sacred symbol, one of which is to meditate and ask your guide to gift it to you. I did this in the shower where I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed.
The symbol I recieved as in the form of a pendant around the Devil’s neck. It had two layers. The top was a goat skull and beneath was a symbol that was alien to me but the center of which was a divided triangle in circles etched in metal. The Devil gifted this to me by having me swallow it then using it to open my throat chakra.
I was surprised the next day to see the exact etched symbol as I was scrolling through jewelry pictures on Amazon! It was the Seventh Pantacle of Saturn. This Talisman is reputed to make others listen and tremble before the words of the wearer. “This Pentacle is fit for exciting earthquakes, seeing that the power of each order of Angels herein invoked is sufficient to make the whole Universe tremble.” Greater Key of Solomon. All of this made sense when looking at how the Devil used it on my throat chakra and I readily adopted it into my workings and altar.

Conversations with Charlotte

The end of the challenge includes a surveyin which Charlotte checks in with her participants to see how the program went with them. She also sees if the participants will be interested in signing up for the next step, a spirit quest with her and her group.
I talked to Charlotte briefly after I finished my challenge. We agreed on the intensity of the Devil card and I was impressed with how friendly and open she was, even through email. The following is an excerpt from our correspondence.

I also love that you are embracing your guide of the Devil! I know sometimes when people who take the challenge receive the Devil they get a bit freaked out, ha ha. But the more we embrace this stage, the less their is to fear.
I am also so glad you are ready to begin taking action on making those changes a reality in your life. It sounds like you are going through a major uplevel–taking what’s good and making it even better! That is so so wonderful and inspiring.

Let me know if you’d like to connect. Regardless, know that I and my community of sacred souls all making personal changes are with you virtually. We are all in this together!

Also, do you know anyone who would love this offering for the fall and could benefit from it? Feel free to send them my way if you do–I’d love to connect with them.


P.S. Oh yes, the Devil can be very intense, for sure!

Five Witchy Star Rating

I loved this challenge and highly recommend it. As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Charlotte has a great vibe and I hope to work with her in the future.