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The Unseen Ordeal

The Unseen Ordeal – Another way Motherhood is like Shamanism

With ordeals like Odin’s, it’s nine days and then it’s over. It’s the plucking of an eye and then it’s over. I mean no disrespect, but Sigyn didn’t know when or even if Her ordeal would ever be over. Not to mention no mother ever gets over the ordeal of losing a child, something Odin also understood. But there is no glamour: you do what’s right, and you do it again and again and again, and that’s very unpopular. There’s no glamour, no sweeping gestures, and no one to sing your praises. The heart is a terrible thing.
-Fuensanta Arismendi, Who is Sigyn?

I love this so much. It can be said not only of Sigyn but also of Frigga who strove so hard to keep her son safe but to no end, Baldr’s death still came to pass and she lost him.

As a mother of a miscarried child and a mother of a living son – I feel this pain in my heart as well and I mourn for the lost sons and I mourn for the mothers who carry their burdens without end. There is nothing glamorous about being a mother and carrying on with duty without fail. There is nothing shiny about seeing fate and having to accept it.

Susun Weed says mothers are invisible, a woman’s work is invisible, so no great tales were told, no songs sung, of what is in a mother’s heart, even when she is a Goddess.

My heart is broken for my Gods.