Witch Life

Thrill and Shame

Before I get into the message of Thrill and Shame, let me give a little bit of backstory. This week I watched Hurricane Irma’s arrival with the United States. As I watched, I contemplated the information I shared on Tuesday (Abiola’s message regarding the Storms of Life and my insight on The Tower). I tried to process the situation and, as so often happens, a message came to me that revealed a lesson I needed to learn and share with others. Also, as so often happens, this message was completely unexpected.

The weather channel flipped back to the head anchors seated comfortably in their station after a series of responses from field reporters along the coast of Florida. One of the anchors went into a long diatribe about how field reporters weren’t out in the storms for the thrill of it, despite their excited body language and tone. They explained all the scientific studies that go on behind the camera and how field reporters are actually doing something worth while.

Service is well and good, I’m in no way dissing that but the message that I received strongly in this short clip was that doing something for the Thrill of it is shameful. That excitement is only allowed, only tolerated, if it is a part of something you’re doing in service. That thrill isn’t a reason to do something at all, just an after-thought.

To Dare!

In my book, Spell Check, I discuss 2 sides to what is generally known at the Witch’s Pyramid (To Know and To Be Silent). The message I got this week leads me to a 3rd side – To Dare.

We as witches must DARE to be more than what society, culture, family, history expects of us. Fact is, generally they don’t expect much, or at least not much good. One of the lessons we as witches, we as women, we as people in general have subtly been taught is that excitement, thrills, orgasmic enjoyment is not permissible or, if it is, its only allowed in strict, discrete circumstances. You can squeal with glee on a roller coaster or when you get engaged but never when you take an exam you feel good about or look in the mirror naked.

I see the residual programming of these rules in witches all the time. I see it in the messages we tell each other:

Only do magick if You are completely certain…do no harm…don’t do magick too often…don’t do magick if it will effect others…

The thing is, no one wants to grin and jump for joy and exclaim how much they love magick.


I do. I really do. I love reading about magick, seeing anything and everything on tv that might have a hint of real magick in it, listening to music inspired by magick. I love casting spells and seeing the results, the REALLY REAL RESULTS! I love incorporating magick into my every day life.

I do spells DAILY! I ritualize the hell out of my life because I LOVE IT!

At first my love felt naughty. I was doing something hidden, secret, bad. Thing is, that thrill quickly wore away to anxiety, shame, and the desire to be more.

The Thrill is Gone

You know I’m free, free now baby
I’m free from your spell
Oh I’m free, free, free now
I’m free from your spell
And now that it’s all over
All I can do is wish you well.
~The Thrill is Gone by BB King

I’m done with hiding my enthusiasm and you should be too!

If you want to experience a Hurricane and are thrilled by the storm – enjoy it! Don’t hide behind service and science. If it is what you love, I mean orgasmically LOVE, then make that the whole point. If it serves people and does good, that’s a great side-effect!

Dare to Be THRILLED Without Shame. That is a kickass way to Start Witchin!