#31DaysofTarot Top 5 Oracle Decks of 2017

Day 3 of the #31DaysofTarot Challenge by Ethony is the Top 5 Oracle Decks of 2017! Like yesterday’s Top 5 Tarot, I don’t own many decks from 2017, so I thought I would do this as a blog post instead and showcase the 5 of 2017 that I liked best from what I have seen.

1. The ExtraOrdinary Oracle

I met the ladies behind this deck at Nashville Pagan Pride Day and was so impressed. Not only does the artwork appeal to my aesthetics but their no-nonsense, no-fucks-given attitude makes me feel right at home with these cards. I included them in my Witchmas Gift Guide last year because I knew my readers would love them as much as I do.

“ExtraOrdinary Oracle is the quixotic passion project of two starry-eyed girls who, with their powers combined, are seeking to break the boundaries between the mundane and magick. As a veteran card reader bored with the overtly esoteric decks, I wondered if there was a way to bring divination to people’s daily lives without the time commitment and study required by Tarot. Inspired by minutiae and magick, I started to scribble notes in the back of my planner for a deck that required no learning. Natty, newly graduated from SCAD and bursting at the seams with ideas, started to sketch.”

2. Mortem Oraculum

These cards certainly caught my attention.

“The mortem oraculum oracle deck presents 22 lavishly painted cards infused with the beauty and inspiration of “death” representing the transitory nature of all things.
Each of the original cards used to create this deck were meticulously hand painted using real human blood.. In many cultures blood is a prevailing symbol of life and death.”

That’s right witches, blood magick in an oracle deck!
“It’s with the flow of blood
the art of life shall rise
For death does not exist
In nature nothing dies.”

3. Barbieri Zodiac Oracle

I bought this deck as I entered my astrology lessons this year. Being a card reader and a polytheist, I wanted an artistic image to help me connect with the energies I was studying. I use the cards to help me meditate and grasp the lessons as the planets transit. I’ve also used them on altars and in talisman creation such as making the Mercury Mojo bag for Mercury Retrogrades (the mojo bag instructions are found in my Manifest Your Magickal Year Workbook).

“A master of style and form, popular Italian illustrator Paolo Barbieri presents an oracle deck full of colorful, breathtaking artwork and astrological possibilities. Inspired by classic astrological imagery, Barbieri has turned the signs, planets, and elements into illustrations of incredible, uncontainable energy. His unique blend of magic, fantasy, and the Zodiac fuel this powerful oracle, a tool that will guide you to all the answers you seek.”

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4. Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle

This oracle, though simplistic, sparks the darkness in the imagination. Deviant Moon produced an oracle to match the dark, intense, and whimsical tarot that is so popular already.

5. Self Love Journal Cards

Created by one of my magickal mentors, Abiola Abrams, these cards are wonderfully inspiring. I’m particularly fond of the pattern-interupt shape of the cards. She created this amazing deck with aid of artist, Janus Argones-Zate.
The full creation story of this dreamy journal deck can be found here.

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