StartWitchin Top 5 Tarot 2017 #31DaysofTarot Challenge

The StartWitchin Top 5 Tarot of 2017 for the #31DaysofTarot Challenge Day 2 set by Ethony are inspired by decks that were released in the last year. I do not own most of these decks so instead of doing a video on old decks in my collection that I used last year, I thought a blog post would do them better justice.

Top 5 Tarot1. Bad Bitches Tarot

The first deck on the list is from the same creator as the #31DaysofTarot Challenge – Ethony. I included this amazing deck in my Witchmas Gift Guide last year because of how much I love it and know that my readers will feel the same way.

“The Bad Bitches Tarot is a 78 Card Tarot Deck and Guidebook for Empowered Women who want to awaken their inner strength, courage, wisdom and spirituality.
This is a modern Tarot deck that carries the spirit and symbolism of more traditional Rider-Waite-Smith decks.”

2. The Santa Muerta Tarot

I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a deck so heavily discussed as the Santa Muerta. I love seeing the mainstream and tarot community embracing a deck so varied, inspired by Hispanic culture, and in touch with a darker part of our psyche that not only acknowledges death but celebrates its beauty. (This coincides with the joyful release of Coco, which I think is fabulous!).

“A masterpiece of inspired imagery, this tarot deck is a powerful tool for working with the mysticism associated with the Day of the Dead and Santa Muerte.”

3. Ostara Tarot

When I heard about this deck, initially I was turned off. I assumed, by name alone, that it would be all fluff and flower images. Ostara tarot pleasantly surprised me with its depth and darkness set off by pastels and whimsy. Taught me a lesson to never judge a deck by name alone – and to remember that Ostara isn’t just flowers but also stepping forward from the lessons of winter’s darkness.

“The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. Through 78 stunning Tarot cards and an accompanying guidebook, delve into the fantastical world of traditional symbolism and contemporary themes that will return you to the wilderness and explore the feminine. With a unique synergy of artistic styles and perspectives, discover deities and mystical archetypes in the Major Arcana that convey 22 core lessons, while the Minors employ the help of animal guides to illuminate their diverse messages connecting them to your life. Identify your relationship with the Earth and pay homage to the natural world and those romantic moments where you can again be part of the nature around you.”

4. The Asian American Tarot (Trumps)

I love seeing People of Color represented in the tarot because these cards are based on archetypes that people across cultures can relate to, however, so many decks do not show this in their art. The Asian American Tarot major arcana show a cultural group that is so often ignored and displaced within many communities, including the witchcraft and tarot ones. While this deck wasn’t released with a focus on tarot readers in general, I think that studying these cards will help us to connect better with our Asian American peers as well as tap into their needs as fellow readers and/or clients.

“The tarot deck, part of a larger project titled “Open in Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health”, will replace the 22 archetypes of the traditional major arcana (the Empress, the Hierophant, the Wheel of Fortune, etc.) with ones drawn directly from Asian American life (the Adoptee, the Model Minority, etc.).”

5. She Wolfe Tarot

Love a good indie deck, especially when they appeal to the modern divine feminist like She Wolfe does. I think this deck will reach out and grab readers and querents alike with messages as bold as its art.

“She Wolfe Tarot takes you further along your spiritual quest into self-understanding and connecting with your higher purpose. This deck holds similarities to SERPENTFIRE Tarot in that there are a few congruent themes: the Goddess, Ancient Egypt and vintage desert imagery – and the same foundational base of self-love and exploration. But it departs in the style, which is much more clean, concise, and impactful. The symbols and meanings are easier to glean, but as always there is an accompanying guidebook for further learning. Both come in a two-piece box with the She Wolfe title. The cards are edged in a beautiful, rich rose gold.”

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