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Tarot Tuesday: The Tower – After the Storms

Sunday, the wise priestess-with-a-message Abiola shared a beautiful video on how to sur-thrive in the Storms of Life.

I was so inspired by Abiola’s message. I began to contemplate my own storms in life and how I was able to not only survive in them but also thrive either despite of or because of. This made me think of the tarot card – The Tower.

The Tower – Tarot’s Storm of Upheaval

The Tower is my least loved card. I associate it with miscarriage, bad news, and aftermath that involves depression akin to drowning in sorrow. I see myself in the card, flung from what I thought was a stronghold that would weather any storm and fallen into the tumultuous sea that attempts to suffocate me in its dark depths.
Little did I know at the time, when I drew this card, the dark depths was where I could find refuge, healing, and power.

Traditionally, The Tower means a shock, sudden and unexpected change. It is the tearing down of the old way of doing things in order to gain or regain perspective. Another meaning, one often overlooked is Revelation. A eureka moment in the darkest night of the soul. The Tower’s burning down is also a beacon the reveals what is hiding in the shadows of yourself, what you’ve hid and need to now observe and take action on.

Aftermath of the Solar Eclipse

Ever since the Solar Eclipse, I’ve seen many, many Witches on social media sharing how things have been difficult and strange and even overwhelming and painful. We must step into the New Normal of a transitioning earth-experience. We can use the lessons of the Tower and Abiola’s video to help us do just that.
The balancing act of the Eclipse still reverberates through us and we can struggle to stay the way we were or ride the cosmic tide. This energy will no longer allow us to hide from ourselves those dark aspects or deny ourselves our light. We must embrace and be both in this new paradigm or we will experience destruction until we do. Change is akin to labor pains – nothing birthed or transformed is ever easy.

Rebirth in Literal Storms

With the horror of Nature’s destructive power, it is difficult to see any good in tornadoes, forest fires, hurricanes, or earthquakes. We focus on the preparation for the worst, prayers for the best, fear of what is coming and how we are powerless to stop it, and the grief of what could be or is lost.
While I cannot offer much balm to a weary soul who suffers these natural disasters, I can share what I’ve seen. After the tornado, I saw communities strengthened because of their shared experience and go forward to create a caring culture within. After a forest fire, I saw the rebirth of plant life in the now re-fertilized soil (this is how whole forests thrive in Alaska).
Loss can be difficult or, in some cases, impossible to overcome. However, revelation and rebirth is an effect of destruction that the Universe shows time and time again in all planes of existence. It is the ebb and flow of energy, which can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Trouble Shooting Power Outages

This, of course, does not mean we should stand out in the storm and let ourselves go in a literal sense in order to experience personal rebirth. Nor am I saying we should tell those suffering from the storm’s effects to get over it and see the good. Not at all.
If you would like to aid those suffering or seek aid yourself here are two ways:

Donate or Volunteer for Grassroots Charities (where your money, donations, and time actually help people and not corporations). Business Insider has a great list as well as a way to find other charitable organizations.

If you would like to combine your charitable efforts with magick, I think that is awesome! There are many who feel powerless or that they have nothing to offer. I see so many witches and people complain about the number of those offering to pray, send energy, or perform spell/ritual for those in the path of natural disaster. Fact is, that is all some are able to do and I think its a worthwhile action as long as you actually do it and don’t just say you are. We have power, even if its hard to feel powerful in the face of Mother Nature’s destructive glory. Let’s tap into that power and use it.

Rev. Carol A. Ingle AKA Raven posted a Hurricane Protection Spell on Pagan Space in 2011 that is still handy today.

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