Northern Tradition Paganism

Welcome to Motherhood and Handmaidenhood from Frigga

I conceived my son on New Years Eve of 2015 and gave birth on October 9th. This not only makes him a Ram of the Chinese Zodiac but also a Libra. I have my work cut out for me as a new mom with a little boy who, at the time of this writing, is 3 months old, is already frustrated he can’t walk, and believes the best way to get my milk to let down is to head-but my breast like a goat.

If you were to ask the teenage or early-twenties version of me, I never thought I would be a mother. I considered myself a pretty selfish person who didn’t like children and wanted to spend her life traveling, writing, and reading while drinking copious amounts of tea. Then again, if you were to ask the teenage version of me if I would ever fall in love and get married, I would have said no, that dating was just fine – I met Lover when I was 18 and married him when I was 21.
Its strange to think of this as most of my friends that I’ve made since moving to Alaska in 2012 have said they always thought I was a very maternal sort of person who they knew would make a great mom. When I told them I didn’t want kids until 2013, they were surprised.

2013 was a big change for me in many ways, not only because I was still adjusting to life in the great wild North, but because I also had my first pregnancy and experience the pain an grief of miscarriage that year. I mention it now, not to have anyone feel bad for me but because it was a catalyst for some major changes in my life.
2014 I began the journey to get healthier in both my physical body but also my energy body. I also connected with the spiritually minded women in my community. I also began to see and dream of a divine female entity who emitted the vibrations of loving mother, dutiful wife, and diplomatic queen as well as connecting to land spirits at the end of that year when we moved to the marshlands of Meadow Lakes.

Visitations from the female deity continued but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year (2016) that I learned that it was Frigga, Norse Goddess, Queen of the Aesir, and Wife of Odin/Mother of Balder. I have never had much connection with the northern traditions or pantheons so it wasn’t until I was researching an author I liked that I clicked on link and link and link until seeing the image and name Frigga. That was her!
The recognition and acknowledgement opened a door – more like busted it wide open.

Frigga is here and she has something to say – this blog is part of that.
Writings on this is a blog retarding the Gods are predominantly of my own experiences. This is not based on lore or the re-constructionist Heathen beliefs. I hope that if you’re reading this that you will keep an open mind.