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White Supremacy Shadow Work Continued

This is the 2nd week of my White Supremacy Shadow Work. Continuing this work has be really damn hard but I know it is also really damn necessary. I am still so grateful for Layla Saad and all she does.

Supporting Anti-Racism Work

Please help Support Layla for the work she does by letting Instagram know that her posts are NOT RACIST and that her work is actually towards fighting racism. In several cases she has posted to support BIPOC and asked specifically that white people not comment because the post was not for them and their words would be a distraction and harmful in that space. These posts were reported and Instagram took them down. This eliminated beautiful words and prayers of encouragement and love by and for BIPOC.

Kate Vincent Miles, a participant in the #MeAndWhiteSupremacy challenge created a petition to alert Instagram that this is a BIG PROBLEM. Please consider sharing, signing, and letting Instagram know you agree. Thank you.

Being a Good Ancestor

Layla often says the reason she is doing this work is to be a good ancestor. She’s doing it to help create a better life for her lineage.
The Resonant Witch, who is also participating in the challenge, posted the following on Instagram and I wanted to share it because its a huge part of the reason why I’m doing this shadow work. Its not just for me, its about me being a good ancestor.

“I’m posting this because I’ve recently had someone in my DM’s in regards to that 28 day challenge from @wildmysticwoman and how they didn’t like my participation and for some reason brought up epigenetics (although it its a very relevant topic in regards to race it just wasn’t supposed to be the focus). So today I’m here to bring a nice reminder because apparently not everyone is aware:
Your DNA is your genetic memory passed down through the ancestral bloodline. This is ancestral miasma in 3D physical form (where your template structure moves either into higher dimensional light form)
EVERYTHING that has happened in your ancestry has been recorded and you are holding what is left. If atrocities have happened you’re holding the memory, as well as if your ancestores started doing the healing then you would be passed down the upgraded template system and your DNA would reflect that.
This quote holds more weight then most of you are giving credit to, if you choose to not do the work your children and children’s children will be forced to deal with the consequences. They come into this life with all the bullshit you carry when they are conceived, so yes you can clear things from the GCD (genetic cellular database) and the family template, but because of their own karmic contracts they still will be given situations to make proper choices.
My message today is simple – Do Your Work”

Speaking of Ancestry and Doing My Own Work…

Some of you might have seen a change this week on my offerings. I am no longer offering Road Opener Services.

For those of you, Road Opener Services are embedded in folk magick, especially Hoodoo. I’ve been doing them for myself for a while and yes they work amazingly well. However, I am not a Hoodoo practitioner. I am an Appalachian and Northern European witch and Pagan. To offer a service that includes that title and the use of that magick, even or especially blended with my own magickal style of practice, is Cultural Appropriation and I do not want any part of it.

I have reached out to the beautiful witches who have expressed interest in this service and to those who have purchased in the past, letting them know of my choice. Thank you to those of you who supported this choice. I feel your love and understanding and it has helped me a great deal.

I intend to be more careful and avoid Cultural Appropriation in the future by seeing it for what it is (Racism) and by digging deeper into my own cultural, ancestral, and magickal roots. I can’t expect and encourage other spiritual workers to stop using endangered white sage, stop making and selling dream catcher as “witchy” decor, stop purchasing crystals that are mined in areas where its harming Latinx people, stop making quippy phrases like “Nama-stay-in-bed,” and stop culturally appropriating any and all practices in their work if I can’t purge my own racist bullshit.

The Work is Not Done

We’re only about half way through the challenge and Gods I’m a little nervous about what is coming.

To be honest and mildly graphic its like purging with a strong emetic (herbs that make you vomit). You’re shaking and wishing it would stop but the body still has more to give up and get rid of in order to heal.

Yep…that’s what its like.