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Witchy Recharge

Witchy Recharge

Its been a while. I had to take a step back for a bit and deal with my fears around having a witchy biz and where it was taking me. I explain briefly in the following video why I took an impromptu Witchy Recharge hiatus.

What Have I Been Up To?

When I’m stressed or overwhelmed I often do 2 things – avoid the situation like the plague and bury myself in my best loved hobbies (reading, writing, baking, and crafting).

Avoidance is far from a healthy activity when it comes to things stressing me out. That being said, I think taking a step back and not even looking at this website or social media for a little while was a good thing. If I’d stuck with it I probably would have scrapped the whole thing and deleted. I’m so glad I didn’t.

Reading – I got a Kindle Unlimited account and rad through a dozen short stories and novellas. If you have a book on Amazon KU, comment below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Writing – I developed a pen name and published a few tawdry romances on Amazon. Completely unrelated to my work here and exactly what I needed to get my creative juices flowing.

Baking – I developed and tested a few new recipes I’ll be sharing over the next few Kitchen Witch Wednesdays.

Crafting – I rejoined, a pen pal and snail mail swapping site that I plan to blog more about later, which get me back into paper crafting! I have been making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), mood boards, even designing my own printable stationery. I also started playing with other mediums – decorating a steampunk journal, learning how to make silicone molds, and creating resin pieces for jewelry and other crafts. I’m always a busy bee.

Witchy Workaholic Not-so-Anonymous

What I learned from this hiatus is I am a workaholic. Many of you know this isn’t my first small-biz rodeo (I’ve had a few over the years, almost always with a partner and none of them quite worked out no matter how monetarily successful). Since 2012 (really before that but 2012 was when I became determined to have a biz) I have been working my ass off with business. I have always been busy creating a business or learning about creating a business.

StartWitchin is pretty damn successful and I think that scared me a little. I became obsessed and was spending all day thinking about it or working on it. Stepping back, not thinking about it or looking at it for weeks, I realized what I’d been missing – my family. I reconnected with my husband and, while we were doing good before, we’re doing great. My son is hitting milestones in growth and development so fast and so strong that i have to keep my eyes peeled or I’ll miss them. Such a blessing.

A Witchy Return

Now that I’m back, I have some rebranding and new ideas with 2 major goals in mind:

  1. Be true to myself and my purpose. I love this company and the whole reason I created it – to connect with and inspire witches like me.
  2. Make it fun and easy. Every business decision I have from this point will be met with the question: “What would this look like if it was fun and easy?”

This will probably mean fewer courses, a blog that is more of a lifestyle theme than niche, and more general deadlines. I’m gonna stick with things I LOVE doing – writing, reading, crafting, baking. I’m gonna worry less about what I “should” be doing as a business owner and focus more on what feels good and gets results.

Thank you, those of you who checked in on me, sent me love, and those of you who continue to stay inspired.

I’m Back, Witches!