How to Choose Your Best Tarot Deck

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday! For more tarot magick, follow me for the card of the week on Instagram and Tarot Q&A on YouTube. Today I wanted to go in depth on Choosing Your Best Tarot Deck. I’ve been asked how to choose the right tarot deck for you a lot lately and there’s so many factors I couldn’t easily answer in a short response.

Decide on Your Tarot Deck’s Purpose

What will your best tarot deck be used for? Is it a personal use only deck or will you use it to read for friends/coven? Will it be a deck used professionally? This all must be considered when choosing a deck.

If you’re a professional tarot reader and choosing the deck for your business, choose one that best suits your ideal soulmate client. If you plan to read at new age conventions with an older, hippy, or even Christian crowd, I wouldn’t recommend a deck that is dark, full of nudity, or has harsh imagery. Likewise, if you’re going to be the resident reader at a goth club or steampunk convention, I wouldn’t pick a deck that is pastel, ultra light, or super modern. Think of the ideal person you will be reading for and pick a deck that will work for them that you also enjoy.

Find Your Own Witchy Aesthetic

What is your aesthetic? This will help you choose your best tarot deck. What is your vibe like? What are your favorite colors? Are there any particular symbols, animals, or pantheons you resonate most with?

Here’s how this can look when choosing a deck or any witchy tool.

Are you a pastel, kawaii-loving witch? Love pink and light imagery? Grab a tarot deck that matches this aesthetic such as the Kawaii tarot or Happy tarot or Sailor Moon tarot!

Are you into High Magic? Does your library mostly consist of books about the Golden Dawn or by Frater U.D.? Do you use the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram before every spell? Consider the Hermetic Tarot, Tarot of the Golden Dawn, or Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.

Artsy? Addicted to coloring books? Spend more on Copic markers than you care to admit? Try a deck you can color yourself or the new deck by Benebell Wen.

Seeking the Perfect Tarot Deck

Don’t get too caught up on choosing the “right” deck. I’ve met witches who want to learn tarot but don’t because they haven’t found the perfect deck. Fact is, you won’t really know what deck is perfect for you until you start learning the cards and getting a feel for how you like to read them.

Your tastes will change. Don’t get to concerned with finding the perfect deck for you because what suits your now might not be your best tarot deck in a year or so. You might change your spiritual path, discover a new style, or create your own tarot system in that amount of time. All of these could make what was once your favorite deck now undesirable.

Let the mood hit you. Many readers have several decks they choose from when doing readings. They choose a deck based on mood, what the reading is about (love, business, spirituality), or the aesthetics of their client or where they might be reading at like a fair or party. Don’t worry if a deck you choose doesn’t always fit your mood.

Favorite Beginner Tarot Decks

If you’re just getting started in tarot, I do have a few tips on grabbing your best starter deck.

Make sure to use a deck that has images of people doing things. By this I mean don’t grab a deck where the minor arcana are made up like playing cards – simple and minimal images also known as pips. This requires you to rely too much on memorizing key words or a very strong intuitive connection. When the cards have images of people doing things, they give you a hint to the meaning.

Choose a Rider-Waite-Smith derivative. Most books, articles, and courses on tarot refer to images and symbols of this deck so itll be easier on you to find information out there to help you learn if this is the one you’re using.

Here is a list of my favorite beginner tarot decks:

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